About Us

Our company, SC KAOLA SRL started his activity in this area in 1993. Spated in the west part of Romania, in Timisoara, at the border with Hungary and Serbia, KAOLA SRL is an import-export company with a capital entirely private. We are dealing mainly with walnut kernel and pumpkin seeds, from its own production, or purchased from individual producers from all over the country Our goods are delivered in countries from Central and West Europe. Our declared purpose is that of developing business relationships with partners, importers and distributors, all over the world. The method we have chosen to achieve this goal is quality.

To be sure our raw materials are of the highest quality, our employee from quality department is checking every lot of goods, both on the field and in the various phases of the sorting process.

We can deliver our goods, at the same quality, during the whole year, even during the summer, when the temperatures are high. To make sure the walnuts will not change their color and taste, we store them in special places at constant temperatures.

Process and food safety

We attach great importance to continue modernization for meeting the international quality standards and for delivering goods of a high quality which satisfy the needs of our clients. To make sure these quality standards are followed, the raw material can be submitted to a drying process, in special dryers. When necessary, or at the request of our clients, the goods are fumigated. All the machines used for pre-cleaning, calibration and sorting on colors are from SORTEX, and the final check is made on special belts used in food industry. Our company is certified according to the international quality standard ISO 22000.

Walnut kernel:
  • reception of raw material
  • fumigation(if case)
  • storage for processing
  • pre-cleaning, elimination of foreign materials and shells
  • mechanical calibration on sizes
  • color sorting
  • final manual selection
  • packing
  • storage before delivery
Pumkin seeds:
  • reception of raw material
  • dusting and calibration
  • optical selection
  • final selection and packing


- S.C. Kaola S.R.L. -

Office address

Timisoara, Str. Bujorilor, nr. 68
Tel: +40 372 742 117
Fax: +40 256 285 359
e-mail: office@kaola.ro

- S.C. Kaola S.R.L. -


Timisoara, Str. Polona, nr. 2
cod: 300523
Jud. Timis - Romania
e-mail: office@kaola.ro

Pumpkin seeds

We are supplying pumpkin seeds with shiny skin, purchased from individual producers from country. Once reached at production department, the pumpkin seeds are going through a cleaning process, and then are packed in 30 kg sacks. The size varies between 8 mm — 12 mm, having humidity between 8-10 %. Also, at our client's requests we can offer fried, salted or unsalted pumpkin seeds, packed at different weights.